…..to express my deep appreciation for the outstanding products, service, and support supplied by Spectrum Composites during the rollout and implementation of the T-7 and T-8 GM –STG Techline project of which I managed.  In every stage of the project, your organization exemplified the true meaning of a “business partner”.  Specifically, Spectrum and its people should be commended for its ability to work hand-in-hand with the STG Product Engineers and make last minute changes to the specifications during the “design stage” of the project.  Further, the support and service provided by Spectrum as the entire “Techline diagnostic system” was UL certified by an independent third party laboratory was one of the main reasons the “testing phase” of the project proceeded on schedule.  Lastly, Spectrum’s ability to meet our production schedules was greatly appreciated as it allow for a quick and smooth rollout of the systems to the GM dealers which in turn allowed EDS to maintain high customer satisfaction with GM –STG and its dealers.

Ron Hymes
Account Manager, EDS

We here at Jaguar were very comfortable in choosing Spectrum to design, manufacture and implement the roll out of this equipment to every Jaguar dealer in the North American market.  We have sold several units to other franchises affiliated with Jaguar dealers.  They were equally impressed with the design and presentation of the unit.  I personally feel that you kept Jaguars integrity in mind when making material and design  recommendations.  As you know, we empowered you to make any and all alternations that you felt were in our best interest, and this empowerment has paid off handsomely for us.  We are very pleased with your efforts and have a unit we can be proud of.  Your staff is also to be commended on their exceptional customer care attitude…always prompt and courteous and well informed as to all aspects of this project.

William J. Larkin
National Service Equipment & Technical Publications Manager, Jaguar Cars

Our business relationship with your company over the last 13 months has been a positive and rewarding experience.  From cabinet design to the deployment of over 400 cabinets to our Retailers, your company has demonstrated a commitment to producing exceptional products and fostering customer enthusiasm.  Your company produced cabinet design that met both the challenging deadline and quality requirements of Saturn.  Moreover, your company supported several late design changes and implemented them successfully.  In short, your product and service have been exemplary.  Your solution-oriented approach in business has provided Saturn with the opportunity to exceed its customers’ expectations.  Thank you for your effort and commitment to our project.

Cindy Jo Holbrook
Lead Diagnostic Systems Engineer, Saturn Corporation

……Certificate of Appreciation for your company’s nomination in the American Honda Premier Partner Award Program.

American Honda Motor Company, Inc.

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